Cua Van Floating Village, Halong Bay

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Cua Van Floating Village, Cát Hải, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Cua Van floating village is considered one of the most beautiful ancient villages in the world and is known to leave a lasting impression on tourists due to its unique cultural patterns and traditions.

The village is part of Halong Bay's tourism development program, along with other renowned tourist attractions such as Ba Ham Lake and Tieng Ong Cave. It is located 20km from the nearby Tuan Chau Island, and takes about 2 hours to reach by boat.

The village's unique feature is the presence of small boats and rafts anchored in front of each house, representing the spirit of the local fishermen who desire a better future for their families. It comprises of more than 300 households who reside in houseboats that are closely attached to each other to withstand strong winds.

The people of Cua Van are friendly, hospitable, and welcoming towards visitors. The village is home to several hidden attractions, and if you come across any children, waving at them will make them happy and eager to show you around.



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