RM7.70 - DC 12/24V to AC 220V Car Charger Power Inverter

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1. This product is applicable to all types of mobile phone charger car power adapter and USB Direct charge, the two functions can be used simultaneously.
2. This product is charging fast, with over-current, short circuit, overload protection.
3. This product output socket: DC200v ±10V, the product insert a car cigarette lighter seat, power indicator light will be mobile phone charger into this product can be used within the socket.
5. USB straight charge output DC6V ±0.3V, 500mA, plug this product into car cigarette lighter sea, power indocator light after the USB phone data cable connect to the phone can be charged.
6. This product is applicable to mobile phone, PHS, mobile phone line charge, travel charge, universal charge to used, not for the core transformer products.
1. Condition:100% brand new and good working condiction
2. Color:grey
3. Input Voltage: DC 12V-24V
4. Output Voltage: 220V
5. USB Input Voltage:6V
6. Output Current: 500mA
7. Size:115mm*60mm*35mm

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Adapter Converter + USB Outlet

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