RSX Samudera: MYS - Phatthalung - Chumphon (Part 1)

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Day 1-3 of RSX Samudera via MYS - Phattalung - Chumphon.

Out of 7 units, only 2 or 3 are rolling north, while the rest are down with last-minute health and other issues. The remaining units, KV and Timur, will reconnect at Chumphon before heading to Rama camp with LRST.

Day 1. Covered 590 km, traveling from KV - Penang (detour) - Sg. Petani - BKH - Hatyai.

Day 2. Covered 130 km, traveling from Hatyai to Phatthalung, accommodating an extended visit for RSS (RS sekutu) in Phatthalung, with lunch at Route 41 and an overnight stay at S.K Park Hotel, owned by an LRST member.

Day 3. A wet and dark day in the southern part. 2 KV & Timur RS units reconnect at Chumphon. covering distances of 400km and 800km (Timur unit).


The 2023 RSX (Rover Serigala Expeditions) program is codenamed RSX Samudera.

RSX Samudera symbolizes RS's firm stance on humanitarian issues, particularly the crisis in Palestine. It demonstrates our support for the people of Palestine and our commitment to human rights, justice, and peace; dari Markas ke Samudera Raya.

In August 2023, RS received an invitation for 2 events in Thailand under RSX Samudera ops. The convoy with LRST will start in Chumphon and proceed to the gala event at Rama VI Camp, Phetchaburi, hosted by LROCT.


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