Defender - rattling windows fixed

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Britannica Restorations Ltd, Canada

Fixing Rattling Windows on a Land Rover

  • The rattling is caused by compressed felt and a piece of rubber jammed inside
  • Tools needed: a little pick (available at any hardware shop)
  • Steps to fix the issue:
    • Remove the wall pieces and the old seal
    • Clean out any debris
    • Fit a new seal (OEM or aftermarket)
    • Trim the new seal to fit if necessary
    • Use a piece of the old seal to fill any gaps
    • Push the new seal into place, leaving a little bit sticking out
    • Drag the seal to the other end of the window
    • Repeat the process if necessary
    • Use silicone or glue to secure the plastic bit at the end


  • Be careful in the corners, as the seal may go deeper
  • Don't worry if the seal comes out, just redo the process
  • Cut a piece of the old seal to fit any gaps


  • No more rattling windows
  • No more water leaks
  • Easy and cheap repair that anyone can do