What is RS Wolf Patrol? (by Rover Serigala)

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RS Wolf Patrol is a new program by Rover Serigala, open to all trucks, and it's FREE with no charges applied (as written on February 27, 2024).

The Wolf Patrol is an early morning patrol, 'Jelajah awal pagi ke pinggir bandar', where the team will traverse the nearest rural roads together, fostering a sense of brotherhood while supporting local businesses.

Wolf Patrol takes about 5-6 hours, starting from 7 AM and ending at 12 PM, and will be carried out in the SEL/KL/Putrajaya area as a starting point.

The patrol team will be at the RV point, plus 2 additional stops with an additional stop in between. The patrol setting is pretty free and easy. The stops are flexible and will be based on the team's preferences.

For keen members:

Message us via this link to express your interest in our upcoming RS Wolf Patrol.

Keep updated:

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