Defender - Play issue fixed with power steering box adjustment

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The Orange Defender

Guide for adjusting and eliminating play in your Land Rover Defender's four-bolt power steering box, specifically for the Land Rover Defender 110 model.

Video summary

  1. Identify the steering issue: Notice unresponsive or "floppy" steering in your vehicle after replacing the steering box.

  2. Research: Discover that improper steering adjustment might be causing the problem.

  3. Assess the play: Observe significant play in the steering, indicating the need for adjustment.

  4. Adjustment process: Jack up the car, loosen the locking nut, and use a 6mm Allen key to make incremental adjustments while testing the steering.

  5. Fine-tuning: Aim to eliminate play without over-tightening, preventing premature steering box failure. Use a 19mm spanner and 6mm Allen key.

  6. Test drive: Take the vehicle for a spin to evaluate the steering's improvement.

  7. Notice the difference: Experience enhanced precision and connectivity between steering and wheels.

  8. Conclusion: Feel satisfied with the straightforward fix and encourage others facing similar issues to give it a try.