Defender - raised air intake installation

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The video showcases the installation of a raised air intake, also known as a snorkel, on a Land Rover Defender.

Video summary 

  • The video is about installing a raised air intake (snorkel) on a Land Rover Defender.
  • The presenter chose the Mantec mushroom top snorkel for its traditional style, which was the first snorkel to be widely used.
  • The installation process involves removing side panels, cutting retaining clips, and fitting gaskets, lower pieces, and the main snorkel tube.
  • Three longer bolts and one shorter bolt are used due to the depth of the plastic housing.
  • A stainless bracket is fitted to avoid corrosion issues.
  • The presenter had trouble with one of the J-clips, which he plans to discuss with Mantec to improve its strength.
  • The installation took about an hour and improved the vehicle's look and potential wading capability.