Vehicle suspension - definition

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[img] The suspension components of a Ford Model T, by Triddle in Corvallis, OR (2005)

The vehicle suspension is a comprehensive system comprising tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages, serving as the vital connection between a vehicle and its wheels. This intricate system facilitates relative motion between the vehicle and its wheels.

Balancing Act

A critical aspect of suspension systems is striking the right balance between two often conflicting objectives - road holding and ride quality. Achieving this equilibrium is central to suspension tuning and design.

Contact with the Road

A primary function of the suspension is to ensure that the road wheels maintain maximum contact with the road surface. This contact is crucial because all the forces acting on the vehicle originate from the contact patches of the tires.

Protection and Differentiation

Aside from enhancing road grip, the suspension system also serves to shield the vehicle and its contents, such as cargo or luggage, from damage and wear. It's worth noting that the design and configuration of front and rear suspensions in a car can vary to meet specific performance and safety requirements.