Payload and payload capacity explained

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[img] Polaris RZR on Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Cover on Chevy Silverado


Payload includes all the weight in your truck or SUV, which encompasses both the cabin and the bed. This means that you and your passengers are considered part of the payload.

Payload capacity

A vehicle's payload capacity represents the maximum safe weight it can carry. For cars and SUVs, this encompasses the weight in the cabin and trunk, while for trucks, it covers the weight in the cabin and bed.

When towing a trailer, the payload includes the trailer's weight pressing on the hitch, known as tongue weight.

Hauling terms 

Hauling is accompanied by simpler terminology and more straightforward calculations compared to towing, although a few key terms may still arise.

  • GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating denotes the maximum safe weight a vehicle can carry, which includes its own weight. This rating considers the vehicle's frame, suspension, axles, and wheels.

  • Curb Weight: Curb Weight represents the total weight of a vehicle, including all necessary fluids for its operation (such as a full gas tank), but it excludes any occupants or cargo.