Shower tent - Ironman 4x4 Instant Ensuite

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The Ironman 4x4 Instant Ensuite is a versatile outdoor shelter designed for various purposes, such as a shower tent or a privacy shade. Constructed with waterproof 300D ripstop nylon fabric and aluminum folding arms enclosed in rugged 1000D waterproof PVC, it provides optimal protection and durability for any adventure.

This outdoor shelter can be easily mounted on your vehicle or trailer using the supplied L brackets and stainless steel hardware, just like a traditional awning. For added convenience, it can also be paired with the Awning Quick Release Brackets.

Equipped with a velcro strap for securing your shower head and mesh pockets for storing soap and shampoo, the Instant Ensuite makes it easy to take a shower or rinse off after a long day on the trail or an epic surf session. It offers ample cover for changing or using the bathroom, making it an essential outdoor accessory for any adventure seeker.