Shetphal - snake-friendly village, Maharashtra

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Shetphal, Solapur, Maharashtra, India



Shetphal​ village, situated in the Maharashtra state of India, is renowned for a longstanding and distinctive custom that permits snakes to move freely in and around residences and edifices. In this village, snakes are not viewed as threatening, but rather, are accorded reverence as guardians of the community.

The residents hold the belief that the snakes are safeguarded by a local deity, and killing or harming them is deemed sinful. Consequently, it is commonplace to observe snakes slithering in and around homes, schools, and temples. The inhabitants have adeptly adapted to coexist harmoniously with these reptiles, and there have been no recorded incidents of snake bites or human attacks.

This tradition has evolved into a major tourist attraction, with visitors flocking to Shetphal to witness this extraordinary relationship between humans and snakes. Moreover, the villagers have established a sanctuary for the snakes, where they are nurtured and shielded from danger. This fascinating custom of Shetphal exemplifies the potential for humans to coexist in concordance with nature, even with creatures that are typically feared and perceived as hazardous.

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