Plockton - charming village atmosphere, Lochalsh

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Plockton, IV52 8TP, Scotland, UK

The village of Plockton, located in the Lochalsh area of Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands, had a population of 468 as of 2020.

The settlement sits on the shores of Loch Carron, facing eastward and protected from the prevailing winds. Thanks to the North Atlantic Drift, which influences the local climate, Plockton experiences mild temperatures despite its far-northern latitude, creating a favorable environment for the growth and prosperity of plants such as the Cordyline australis palm.


Plockton's architectural heritage is primarily from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with many of its houses dating back to this period. The village was established as a planned fishing community in the northern part of the Lochalsh region, following the introduction of sheep farming in the years 1814-1820. This led to the relocation of the local population from their old hamlets in Glen Garron, resulting in the founding of the villages of Jeantown and Plockton along the shores of Loch Carron (Geddes: 1945, pp38).

Tourism activities

Plockton has become a popular tourist destination due to its picturesque location and charming village atmosphere. The village's scenic beauty has also made it a sought-after filming location, as seen in the popular television series Hamish Macbeth, which was shot in Plockton and substituted for the fictional Lochdubh, with Robert Carlyle in the lead role.

Additionally, Plockton was used for various scenes in the film The Wicker Man and in the Inspector Alleyn Mysteries television series.