Alam-Kuh mount, 4,805m - second-highest peak in Iran, Mazandaran

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Alam-Kuh, Mazandaran, Iran

Alam-Kūh, Mount Alam – is a mountain in Alborz mountain range in north of Iran, Mazandaran Province, forming a peak of Takht-e Suleyman Massif. It is located in Kelardasht District of Mazandaran Province of Iran. With an elevation of 4,805 meters, it is the second-highest peak in Iran after Mount Damavand.

2004 earthquake

Most of the fixed ropes were damaged severely during a major 6.3 magnitude earthquake and consequent rockfall in 2004. The mountain was closed to climbers for some months because of the hazard of rockfall and loose cables.

Terrain and approach

The mountain range supports permanent snow and glaciers. Although the southern slopes of the range tend to be dry and barren, the northern valleys leading to the Caspian Sea (which offer the best approaches to the mountains) are wet and lush with vegetation.


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