Fairhaven Campsite - tents only, Parks Victoria, VIC

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Coast Rd, French Island VIC 3921, Australia


+61 131963


The campground is a 5km walk or bike ride from the Tankerton Jetty on the west coast foreshore, with space for up to 40 people amongst the 10 campsites.

Only basic toilet facilities and water supplies (purify or boil first) are provided. Due to the highly combustible vegetation of the island, no open fires are permitted at any time, so a portable gas stove, or similar, is essential for cooking. Campers can utilise campground facilities such as picnic tables, shelter and gas barbecue whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Fairhaven Campground can only be accessed by walking tracks. No vehicle-based camping is permitted.

The General Store is approximately 7.5km away. As you're walking east from the Tankerton Jetty, keep an eye out for a koala or local birdlife, including Purple Moorhen, Swamp Harriers or Cape Barren Geese.

A number of walks and cycleways lead from Fairhaven Campground. Take the Fairhaven Northern Beach walk to see shorebirds and migratory waders along the saltmarsh and Fairhaven Beach. Climb to the Pinnacles Lookout along the West Coast Wetlands Walking Track, passing spring wildflowers and diverse birdlife to be rewarded with excellent views of Phillip Island, Western Port and the west coast wetlands. Cycle the Redbill Manna Gum Woodland Ride and see koalas, shorebirds, saltmarsh and Redbill Creek.

Sites at Fairhaven Campground are free but must be booked online.





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