Wolfland Touring Park - 4x4 camper and expedition park, Hulu Selangor

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Wolfland Touring Park, Lot 775, Jalan Sungai Sabai, 44000 Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor , Selangor, Malaysia



Wolfland Touring Park is a secluded spot and peaceful park for family and adventure goers with camper. Located in Hulu Selangor in the idyllic village of Sungai Sabai, Kalumpang, Wolfland provides a quiet getaway, cold night, soaring buzzards, free roaming squirrels, monkeys and adjacent to the river with easy access to the footpaths of the untapped areas, within the land. If you're lucky, there's a wolf's howl too, howl them back to say hi!

Our park is on wild camping mode at the moment and still in progress. Its already open for geared 4x4/expedition camper ( i.e portable toilet ready, water tank, power station, etc.), open to pitch on SAT, SUN or, under special setting upon request for weekdays via phone or WA. 

Pitching Fees

Our introductory price: RM10 for picnic, or RM15/night, per vehicle, *limited time. No other fees. Pitch next to your vehicle, and wherever you like within premise.

Hang in there, as essential facilities i.e toilet, water-access, etc  is on the pipeline, and expected to be ready in not too distant future for family convenience and easy to dump human waste instead of bring it home!

We plan to have more trees and some river trim work, the pack loves both. 

Leave no trace. We like to keep our park clean and quiet. No alcohol, loud music and loud party allowed, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Wolfland coord: 3.598486,101.540032 | View google map

Keep in touch with us at https://www.facebook.com/WolflandPark for updates, or,

Join us at Wolfland comms group for Wolf bond events, idea exchange, ask suggestions, gears/setup discussion, camper trip and more.


* Our introductory price will be lasts until mid of May, 2022. 







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