Rivington Pike - hill, countryside attraction, Lancashire

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Rivington Pike, Lancashire, England

Rivington Pike is a hill on Winter Hill, part of the West Pennine Moors at RivingtonChorley in Lancashire, England. The nearest towns are Adlington and Horwich. The land and building are owned and managed by Chorley Council. The Pike Tower is a prominent local landmark and is located at the summit, it is part of Lever Park. The area is popular with hill walkers and for mountain biking.

The pike at 1,191 feet (363 metres) high is the most westerly high point of Winter Hill in the West Pennine Moors.

The hill had the ancient name in Old English of hreof plus ing meaning the rough or rugged hill and pic, a pointed eminence, the earliest recorded name is Winterhold Pike in 1250 in a grant from Roger Rivington and by 1280 it was known as "Roun pic" within a grant by Cecily Roynton. An ancient road named Belmont Road, continuing on from Georges Lane is referred to in the 1280 deed. The continuation of this road descending from Pigeon Tower to Rivington Rd washed away in 1948, the road is no longer maintained. The hill was recorded as Rovyng in 1325 and Rivenpike in about 1540. Saxton records the name as Rivenpike Hill on his 1577 map. [source]



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