Cattedrale Vegetale (Tree Cathedral), 2010 - cathedral made of trees, Bergamo

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24013 Oltre il Colle, Province of Bergamo, Italy


+39 0345 95015

Located in Bergamo in northern Italy, the Cattedrale Vegetale uses trees and branches to create a cathedral-like structure at the base of Mount Arera.[ source]

The cathedral was built according to the ancient art of weaving, which involves the use of flexible wood, stakes, ropes and nails. All materials were employed as prescribed by the complex creative methods of the past, respecting the natural cyclus of birth, growth and death.

The cathedral is the symbol of the Monte Arera Project, promoted by Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche and the municipalities of Oltre il colle, Roncobello and Ardesio. The project aims to revitalize and to highlight the richness and uniqueness of Alpine plant species that grow in the Park and on the ridges of the Orobie Bergamasche. [source]