Covert Park Camping - RV, glamping and tents, Cresselly

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Covert Farm Camping, Cresselly, Wales, UK


+44 7533 588 112


Hide away here for as long as you can. Covert Farm Camping is a family-run haven next to a Site of Special Scientific Interest, home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife living among reeds and trees… and it’s only 10 minutes’ from this splendid spot to the spectacular Pembrokeshire coast.

There’s lot’s to do for the children too with Folly Farm, Manor House, Heatherton and Oakwood all on the doorstep. Listen carefully and you may hear the monkeys enjoying breakfast.




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reviewed by LC Marshal
surrounded by wildlife, great atmosphere, beautiful space for our off-grid need
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reviewed by Baron Adam
Sweet and peaceful campsite, fit best for your family and friends meetup point. Showers and toilets pretty clean, maintained properly and cleanup couple of times a day.
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reviewed by luth
Well-maintained and tidy. Suitable for big family, love the place, we had great time!

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