Macetown Campsite - 4x4 camper and tents, Macetown

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Macetown 9371, New Zealand


+64 3 442 7935

Camp in Macetown, one of Otago’s most intact historic goldfield towns. Walk, bike or 4WD around the township or up the valley to the Homeward Bound Stamper Battery.

Getting there

Follow Macetown Road 15 km up the Arrow River from Arrowtown. Walking time 3-4 hours one way, Mountain Biking 1-2 hours one way.

Rough gravel, 4WD road with 23 river crossings - at times impassable.


Grid reference: NZTM2000, E1269866-N5023335
Latitude: -44.86689162, Longitude: 168.82098055


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