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Av Tupac Amaru PP-10B, Second floor, Santiago, Peru


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Salkantay Trek Machu Tour Operator is an experienced, established and dynamic travel company. We are a tour operator of Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. We have been providing tours for more than 8 years and our reliable, friendly and personal service is why our travellers come back year after year. We count on personnel who are highly prepared and always available to offer you a personalized service in Peru. Salkantay Trek Machu offers adventure trips with a wide-range of different styles to suit any person's requirements.

Hiking with Salkantay Trek Machu Tour Operator

Our treks aim to offer our clients an exciting and real cultural experience in Peru through interactive and unique travel experiences. Our hope is traveling with us will lead to a deeper understanding of how people live in the beautiful regions we discover, and help contribute to building a better world.

In the spirit of sustainable tourism, our aim is to offer a unique traveling experience while preserving local cultures and ecosystems for a better future. Whether you plan on exploring the natural or archeological wonders of Peru, we invite you to find the right trip for you and to join us at Salkantay Trek Machu  in sharing our vision for a better world.

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