Ex-Tec GmbH & Co. KG - 4x4, camper and expedition vehicle builder, Schwarzenfeld

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Hertzstraße 7 92521 Schwarzenfeld, Germany


+49 9435 9009010

For more than 20 years, QUALITY has been the focus of everything EX-TEC does. The products, initially developed for personal use, convince in terms of robustness, functionality, design and durability. They have been tested for their suitability for the slopes on countless tours to Africa - all new developments are also subjected to strict PRACTICAL TESTS before they are included in the fixed product range. The motto “KEEP IT SIMPLE” was and is the basis of the company's mantra. Simple technology that can be repaired anywhere as possible. This is a great advantage when traveling long-distance. But the greatest advantage of "IN-HOUSE CONSTRUCTION & PRODUCTION" is that projects can be created and carried out together with the customer.

Individualism and innovation allow us to grow together. We believe in good design, flexibility and precision. We make your dreams a realityp. We build travel vehicles for explorers, adventurers and individualists. We develop exclusive and handcrafted travel equipment ourselves. We look forward to your visions The Ex-Tec team.







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