Guest 4WD - 4x4, diesel engine repair and service, Alphington

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194 Grange Rd, Alphington VIC 3078, Australia


+61 3 9497 3899

Guest 4WD only services 4WD vehicles, which gives us depth and knowledge as a specialised 4wd service centre. With decades and millions of kilometres 4WD experience in the Kimberley region, the Canning Stock Route, Cape York, Arnhem Land, the Great Victoria Desert, Simpson Desert, Gibsons Desert, and the High Country. Throughout the years we have owned over 20 Toyota Landcruiser’s and several Nissan Patrol’s.

We have first hand knowledge of the vehicle maintenance schedules, problem areas and accessory options available for these vehicles. We pride ourselves on pre-trip preparation and suspension modifications to ensure customers have a trouble free 4WD adventure.


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