SS Car Garage - Door Step Car Repair Services - auto repair and service, Hyderabad

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Opposite to Rathnadeep, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Nizampet Rd, Bachupally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500090, India


+91 90105 01533

SS Car Garage provides reliable, honest and professional Car repair services in Hyderabad. Call our experienced and qualified car mechanics.

Our Services are:

Car AC Repair includes      

  • compressor
  • condenser
  • cooling coil
  • pipes etc..           

Car LPG & CNG includes

  • Kit clean & mileage adjustment
  • Air removing
  • Air leak test

General Services Includes

  • Oil and oil filter check and replacement
  • Brake fluid check and top up
  • Anti-Freeze coolant check and top up
  • Windscreen wash check and top up
  • Full brake check
  • Power steering fluid check and top up
  • Steering check
  • Shock absorbers check.
  • Suspension check
  • Light check
  • Windscreen wipers check
  • Wheel alignment check
  • Charging systems check
  • Exhaust check
  • Battery check
  • Charging system check
  • Tyre tread and pressure check.
  • Checking & Topping Up Engine Oil

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