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RM179 - Mild steel material plant rack

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added Jun 9 in Home & Garden by HM Assistant

*Rack 1*
3 tiers/ tingkat
Length/panjang: 183cm (6ft)
Height/tinggi: 63cm
Width/lebar: 61cm
Price: RM349

*Rack 2*
2 tiers /tingkat
Length/panjang: 122cm (4ft)
Height/panjang: 44cm
Width/lebar: 42cm
Price: RM179

*Rack 3*
1 tier/ tingkat
Length/panjang: 122cm (4ft)
Height/tinggi: 21cm
Width/lebar: 21cm
Price: RM99

*Open for customization*
Diamond Mesh top
Mild steel material
Maximum length 8ft (243cm)
Maximum 3 tiers
Color options: 
- Black 
- White (RM20 additional charge) 

Phone num:
Self-collect OR delivery:
Product: Rack 1/2/3 or other custom size
Payment: 50% deposit is required upon order

Self collect at seksyen U10, Shah Alam OR Meru, Klang
COD within Shah Alam or Subang Jaya with minimal charges
For more information: 

For payment, please transfer & provide receipt:
Marshall Soo

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