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RM57.90 - 6L Cooling and warming car fridge for outdoor use

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added Jan 28 in Outdoor gears by lcoutdoor
Product Descriptions:
• Using electronic (semiconductor) cooling principle. 
• It does not produce pollution, 
• It is more convenient to plug into the car cigarette lighter for power supply.
• Material: ABS & electronic components
• Capacity: 6L
• Min. cooling temperature: cooler to -0°C
• Max. heating temperature: warmer to 65°C
• Wire Length: 194cm
• Strip Length: 130cm
• The cooler and warmer car fridge is energy saving and Eco-friendly, Semiconductor refrigeration system, non-pollution, long life, low noise and consumption
• Light weight and come with a strap, can be carried on the shoulder
• Set to warm up to 65°C or choose to cool to -0°C, ideal for drinks, snacks and meals when camping
• Designed to fit in the back seat of your car or floor
• Convenient, plug into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter
• Flip top cover, convenient to put in or take out stuffs
• 4 anti-slip foot pads on the bottom
Package Includes:
• 1 x Portable 6L Car Cooler & Warmer
• 1 x Wire
• 1 x Strip
• 1 x Instruction Menu
• Before Remove the power plug, make sure the turn off the power button, and the push off cable.
• Replace the Fuse, please make sure use the same model, same spec, if use the un-fittble fuse may cause not work normal or fire.
• Make sure the plug clear and no dirty, avoid connectable not in good condition or power plug heater.
• Before using, read Instruction Manuel carefully, make sure no overload
• Using or not use the refrigerator, please push off the plug from cigarette lighter.
• The banquet picnic camping at the lake
• For taxi drivers to use
• Cold medicines
• Refrigerated fresh milk
• Car travel
• Refrigerated cosmetics
• Home use
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