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RM6.39-43.61 - 10mm vehicle Soundproof deadening Insulation close cell foam for engine hood

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added Jan 3 in Auto parts by lrpack

10mm Car Van Sound Proofing Deadening Insulation Closed Cell Foam Car Hood Insulation

Name:Car Sound Proofing Deadening mat
Material:Aluminum foil composite black foam cotton
Surface Finish:Aluminum foil
Size:#1 30x50cm #2 140x100cm #3 100x100cm
Product performance: anti-flame retardant
Tear strength: 2.4
Applicable temperature: -40 - 105. C
Longitudinal tensile strength: 0.49 MPA
Transverse tensile strength: 0.40 MPA
25% Compressive strength: 0.065 MPA
Heat shrinkage: 5.8% 110 ° C / 168H
Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W / M. K.

-100% brand new and high quality
-Great fire- retardant material,design for low frequency sound absorption
-Strong self-viscous performance,strong shock resistance
-Reducing energy consumption with strong performance of heat insution
-Strong sound insulation and absorption performance,heat insulation, damping and antisepsis
-Applications: For use within vehicle interior and exterior,Boot, wheel arch, body panels, load floor, under seat, floor, interior bulkhead.
-Also ideal for sealing against air and water ingress as well as anti-squeak applications.

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