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RM107.2 - MLST Portable Outdoor 11L Pressure Shower Bag

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added Nov 21, 2019 in Outdoor gears by HM Assistant

Price shown above is before shipping & import fees. The price may vary time to time (Nov, 20 2019)

It is easy to carry, ideal for camping, backpacking, rafting, music festivals and adventure travel. 
You can shower anywhere at any time.
Hands-free foot pump provides simple flow adjustment and strong water pressure, so you can experience the feeling of showering at home.
It is not only used to remove the dust in the field, but also to wash dishes, bathe pets, rinse off equipment or aquatic plants.
It has a press-type shower nozzle for easy opening and closing and saving resources.
The barrel body is well sealed, and the top is equipped with a protective pull belt to prevent the top cover from being opened when air pressure is too high.
Type: Outdoor Shower Bag
Material: PVC + Rubber
Features: Durable, Pressure, Outdoor Sports Supply, Portable
Height: 46cm/18.1" (Approx.)
Diameter: 20cm/7.87" (Approx.)

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