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RM245 - Michelin tyre inflator

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added Jun 27, 2018 in Auto repair & recovery kits by HM Advertiser

Product details

  • Improve Driving Safety
  • Save Money on Fuel and Tires
  • 4 minutes (0 to 32 psi output) Inflator
  • 12V High pressure inflator with low pressure raft inflator
  • Digital air pressure gauge with AUTO shut-off (programmable gauge is accurate to +/- 1 psi)
  • High volume air pump for inflating and deflating air mattresses and rafts
  • right LED lighting for illumination with a red flashing signal for Emergencies.
  • Self-Coiling, Extra-Long Hose
  • The MICHELIN High Speed Programmable 12v Tire Inflator can inflate a tire in 4 minutes (0 to 50 psi output) and is designed to help improve driving safety while saving drivers money on fuel and tires. Come with 6 adaptors for Football, Basketball, Bicycle...etc. 
  • Warranty 6 months

Send a msg to our Whatsapp to purchase:


Send a msg to our Whatsapp to purchase:

Location Shah Alam

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