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$500 - 200cc Dual Sport

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added Sep 18, 2017 in Bike for sale by HM Advertiser
recategorized Sep 18, 2017 by LC Marshal

I'm selling a 200cc chinese Dual Sport at Beginning of October in Quito, Ecuador or possibly Columbia, if required. It's an engine with carburator and it has disk brake in the front and drum brake in the back. I bought the bike new in Bolivia and it will have around 10.000 km when I arrive.

The brand is PEGASUS KTX 200 (mainly sold in Bolivia) and it has done a great job so far. I provide all necessary tools for basic repairing, as well as some spare parts. Oil change has been done every 1000 km and everything works fine, without problems.

I enlarged the rack, so its possible to carry a big backpack.
For 500 $, this is an amazing budegt option.

I'm also selling my helmet in european standard E13 as well as a full upper body protector from FOX. For both together I ask 200 $.

Contact me, if you need more information or photos.

PM : Hauke Deer

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