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4x4 Shoppe & Service, Pandan Perdana

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We provide a complete range of services to get maximum performance from your 4x4s. Let us help you to keep your 4x4s in top form condition through the following services:

1. Engine and related systems

- Engine tuning and repair 
- Engine removal and overhaul 
- Engine parts replacement 
- Engine oil and oil filter change
2. Electrical system

- Changing and tuning spark plugs 
- Servicing the distributor
- Fuse change 
- Lights

3. Fuel system 
- Air filter replacement 
- Fuel filter replacement 
- PCV valve servicing 
- Carburetor tuning 
- Accelerator pump tuning 
- Idle speed adjustment 
- Fuel/air mixture adjustment

4. Tires
- Wheel balancing 
- Steering alignment
- Tires replacement

5. Cooling system 
- Coolant replacement 
- Radiator flushing and cleaning 
- Repairing leaks in the system (radiator, hoses)
- Adjusting and replacing accessory belts 
- Air conditioner servicing

6. Transmission 
- Clutch repair and renewal 
- Manual gearbox repair 
- Transfer gearbox repair 
- Propeller shafts repair 
- Front and rear axles servicing

7. Braking system 
- Brake fluid change 
- Brake pad replacement 
- Parking brake adjustment

8. Suspension and steering 
- Body lift kit installation
- Power steering pump inspection and fluid change
- Tie rod end replacement

9. Lubrication and fluids replacement services 
- Engine oil 
- Front and rear axle 
- Swivel pin housings 
- Manual gearbox 
- Transfer gearbox 
- Brake and clutch fluids 
- Power steering

4x4 Shoppe & Service Sdn. Bhd.
2-M, Jln Perdana 6/8 Pandan Perdana 
55300 Kuala Lumpur 
Telephone: 603-92009844
Fax: 603-92009744
Contact person: Stiven Sim

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