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$1,300 - Motorcycle 2017 Pegasus X-Treme 250 Enduro - 3000 km - in Bolivia

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added Sep 12, 2017 in Bike for sale by HM Advertiser

Motorcycle 2017 Pegasus X-Treme 250 Enduro BRANDNEW 3000 km in Bolivia, Cochabamba/Santa Cruz. 
I have been travelling with her for 4 Months and without her we wouldn't have been able to get in, or out of some of the incredible places we've visited. I am thinking of selling because i will go to europe. 
For South America is very nice on the Streets, no matter which street. It have really smooth suspension and a petrol tank of 16 l.

I give it with 
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Suitcase
- Tent 
- Cooking Pots
- Security System
- 4 Expander lines

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