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$16,650 - Camper-Van for sale from start of December 2017

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added Sep 12, 2017 in 4x4 vehicles by HM Advertiser

Ronald Waldvogel - Cartagena (Kolumbien)

Camper-Van for sale from start of December 2017 (flexible)
Our wonderful year of travelling South America is still in full swing. We are looking for travellers who want to buy the car from us when we finish our travels in Colombia/Ecuador. 
Some key data: 
- solar system (for both batteries 100ah / 80ah) with MPP and 150Wp
- waeco compressor cooler 40l (up to -20 ° adjustable) 1,5l bottle fit 
- 120 × 200cm bed (folding bench), 10cm thickness mattress (folding) 
- large wardrobe with 2 shelves and sliding doors, secret compartment
- sink with flowing water and 2-flame stove (5kg gas cylinder) 
- 2x 30l fresh water, 13l wastewater, 13l reserve fresh water, faucet extendable to the outside for shower (solar shower possible)
- large expanding dining table, spice rack
- swivel-chairs (driver and passenger) 
- 600w 12v-230v voltage converter 
- isolation mats for covering the windows in front, against heat or cold 
- 10 storage boxes different sizes (for cooking utensils, food, tools, etc.) 
- different led lighting (above dining table, in kitchen, bed-reading lights, indirect lighting with color change) 
- many 12v outlets 
- 2 cup holders (for 1.5l bottles)
About the vehicle: 
- Mercedes-Benz V220 Year 2000, 90kw (122HP), will have approximately 230'000km
- 5 gear, 2wd front drive, max. 160km/h
- central locking, 2 electronic keys, 1 manual key (only for open / lock) 
- air conditioning
- additional diesel heater (currently not functioning) 
- tinted windows (additional all-round curtains for the sleeping area) 
- approximately 8,5l / 100km diesel (78l tank + 2 × 20l canister) 
- radio: GPS Navigation with maps for all America, Bluetooth, CD, USB, rear view camera 
- dashcam 
- 2 side sliding doors and tailgate 
- trailer hitch, removable 
- electric windows in front, electric windows in back 
- air suspension in back wheels
- alarm system (not installed yet) 
This camper is self built (2016) and has everything you need for a journey through South America. You will not immediately be recognized as a tourist, that could definitely save you some troubles. Due to the darkened windows, you still can enjoy a super view out of the many windows. While curtains are closed inside, it is very difficult to see any light from outside even at night, providing privacy and security. The relatively large refrigerator, sufficient fresh water and comfortable cooking area make the stay away from the civilization very pleasant. External power sources are not required because the solar system is sufficient even when it is cloudy. The led lights provide enough brightness to cook/ read/ hang out. The dining area is large enough to sit for 4 adults comfortably. 
Vehicle includes: 
- full kitchen equipment such as pan, Bialetti espresso machine, thermos 1l, plates, cups, mugs, bowls, cutlery, Tupper-Ware, cutting board, serving bowl, microfiber-towel, kitchen towels, etc. 
- 2 camping chairs with backrest, 1 tripod stool, 1 small camping table
- customized mosquito net for bed 
- laybag, picnic blanket, folding shovel, speedminton set
- spare parts and different sorts of tools for vehicle and camping 
- bedding incl. sheets, comforter 200x210cm, 1 pillow and 1 rug
- laptop (Fujitsu LifeBook e751, core i5, starts quickly due to SSD and Linux within 20s, best for image processing, surfing, etc., with 12V charger) 
- Black&Decker compressor 12V
- spare parts: brake pads front and rear, diesel filter 
- our amazing mascot Elfriede (the ugly stuffed toy behind the windshield :)) 
We are having a great time with our van and really appreciate the comfort, to have a cozy place when the weather is bad and not to have problems with strong winds (Patagonia). So far we never missed 4WD but enjoyed the strong and economical motor. The seats are very comfortable, and the car doesn’t make a lot of noise while driving. It is comfortable even for tall people (I‘m 192cm). We could not imagine a better vehicle for this trip and would do it again exactly the same way. 
Price: 13'950.- EUR / 16’650.- USD
We are happy to answer any questions at:
or WhatsApp: +41763374068

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