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RM6 - Artificial Grass @ Rumput tiruan

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added Feb 26, 2017 in Home & Garden by HM Advertiser

Tak nak citer panjang. Straight to the point. Hehe. Siapa nak artificial grass a.k.a rumput tiruan boleh roger sy.

Ada 3 jenis:
Tebal 35mm (RM6.50/sqft)
Tebal 25mm (RM5.70/sqft)
Tebal 7mm (RM4.00/sqft)

Lebar rumput fixed 6.6ft atau bersamaan 2 meter. Pjg tak kisah berapa customer nak.

Sy jual rumput je tau. Installation boleh buat sendiri sbb senang je nak pasang 

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